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The Plan of June 1st International Children`s Day
发布时间:2010/9/2 10:40:34
    Shanghai Expo 2010 is not only China’s Expo, but also an event for The World. It represents civilizations across the Globe. The theme for the Shanghai Expo, ’Better City, Better Life’, aims to promote and develop environmentally green ideas with multi-cultural and educational activities. This expo seeks to promote awareness of these ideas among the youths by educating them through good practices, to safeguard today’s environment for their future. The Expo will showcase the evolution and utilization of low-carbon technology and greater energy efficiency, helping to secure a cleaner, greener environment for now and the future. Through China’s outstanding youth, a new brighter future will be born.
International Children’s Day - Hand in Hand
June 1st,2010 – Shanghai
Lead Organizers:
UNESCO (Education for sustainable development in the National Working Committee) 
(China Soong Ching Ling Foundation)
(China‘s Sun Yat-sen Foundation)
Co-Lead Organizers: 
Beautiful Life Development Plan (UN-DESA)
Supporting Organizers: 
Expo Courtesy (Shanghai Chutian Culture Co., Ltd.)
Youth League Committee World Expo Young Pioneers "Hand in Hand" Organizing Committee
Executive Agency: 
SAGE Cultural Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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